Latin American Chamber of Commerce – Newsletter – 12/10/2010

Forthcoming Events

CDRC Web Launch                              Nov. 2010
Ron Atlantico (DR) Degustation    Nov. 10th @ Carlo IV Hotel
Tercera Semana Dominicana          Nov. 23rd @ ICC in Prague, CZ
CEI-RD Inauguration                          Feb. 2010
Dominican Commerce Event          Feb 2010

Political and Business Diary

encuentroWith the rescue of 33 Chilean miners, the brief threat to and subsequent restoration of Rafael Correa’s leadership in Ecuador and numerous high-profile business dealings, events in Latin America had a distinctly vibrant feel in the month that was.

Brazilian Presidential Election

Brazil’s presidential election took a decidedly green turn this month as Marina Silva, leader of the Green Party, polled an unprecedented 19% of the first round vote. The presidential run-off will occur on October 31, with President Lula de Silva’s chosen candidate, Dilma Rousseff, expected to defeat the Social Democrat, Jose Serra.

IBM Acquisition

This month IBM, the global IT services provider, announced its intentions to create an offshore hub in Brazil. Rogério Oliveira, IBM President for Latin America, stated that Brazil formed a critical part of IBM’s plans for expansion into emerging markets. However, with France-based IT superpower Capgemini having acquired a 55% controlling stake in Brazil’s CPM Braxis during September, this is by no means a new trend. LatAm’s IT services industry has clearly been noted for its potential.

Other News

  • Scotiabank, the Canada-based bank, has extended its Latin American portfolio during October, finalising deals to acquire wholesale banking units in Chile and Brazil.
  • Peruvian novelist, Mario Vargas Llosa, was awarded literature’s most prestigious prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature, on October

Monthly Review – Encuentro 2010
At the Hotel Barcelo, Praha 4, on October 8-9th

With the passing of the eighth Encuentro , October proved to be a busy month in the CCNLA calendar. Over two-hundred individuals, predominantly from Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe, attended the two-day international business conference focused on developing business links between the two aforementioned regions.

The central theme of this year’s Encuentro was ‘Business Strategy’ – the process of taking an idea and developing a viable business from it. Thus, experienced business-people, politicians and media moguls were invited to speak and give their insight into the challenges and idiosyncrasies, but also rewards, of establishing businesses in either the CEE or Latin America. One of the prominent themes of Encuentro, and the crux of numerous audience questions, was that of business strategy and positioning. Particular emphasis was placed upon the importance of understanding the local market, political culture and media in order to establish a successful business abroad. As alluded to, the audience engaged thoroughly with the speakers, provoking further debate and discussion from which all attending benefited.

In addition to the conference, an exposition ran throughout in an adjacent room, giving attendees an opportunity to present their products and services, discuss business concepts, and network. Furthermore, well attended workshops were run by Starbucks, Czech Tourism, Employment Express and

Needless to say the social events, held at Cristal Club and on a Vltava river boat respectively, were hugely popular, giving participants an opportunity to unwind and enjoy Prague’s beautiful scenery and vibrant nightlife.

Despite some organisational difficulties, for which we apologise, Encuentro was well received. Many new friendships were forged, ideas exchanged and business links established. As one attendee noted, it was ‘fantastic to have so many people interested in Czech and Latin American trade in one room’. The next Encuentro is scheduled for the summer of 2011 in Madrid, Spain.

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