Dominican Commerce tours various cities in D.R. to promote Medical, Technology, Export

Santiago, R.D. — With a high demand for Latin American products and concepts, our development team visits the Dominican Republic to promote the awareness of Exports and Investment from the Caribbean island to the EU.

Dominican Commerce will lead a presentation tour at various cities in D.R. to promote the sectors of Medical Equipment, Information Technology, Export, Telecommunications, Education and Textiles which he hopes will succeed, as well as environment strategies. The tour will include visits to organizations such as CODOCAFE, CONOCACAO, Centro Leon, Brugal, Punta Cana, Cap Cana, along with owners of three other small businesses from different parts of the island.

The interaction would increase strong desires to bilaterally connect with companies interested in Dominican products and services. It would also provide the exchange of ideas and experiences in the education and renewable energy sector, which have been a challenge in the past.

The outcome is bilateral.  CEE has a vast presence with Dominican Products.  “The Dominican Republic offers a wide variety of unique products only found in tropical soil.  Our experience in textile manufacture can greatly benefit many industry sectors in Central and Eastern Europe” “We know that both CEE and D.R. have been asking for this kind of bilateral relationship” mentioned Ramon Carreno, general consul of the Dominican Republic in Prague, Czech Republic.

HIGHLIGHTS OF Dominican Commerce VISIT

• Meeting with CODOCAFE.  Discussion on bringing quality coffee from DR to be distributed to 180 channels in CEE

• CloverETL’s introduction of Data-Management in banking and government sectors through ClusterSoft Dominicana

• CEI-RD meeting.  Ground-setting encounter for Cybernet Park project of Spanish Speaking Call Center operations.  The development will help support immediate software developers and network admins.

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