3D-Printing Becoming an Industry Standard?

3D printing is here to stay.  Which Verticals will it will revolutionize our world with?

What is 3D printing? Best commonly known as Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing is the ability to make solid objects utilizing a digital (computerized) models.

Applications in different verticals Health – Body parts, prosthetics, eye glasses, 3D food printer Technology – Camera lenses, phone covers, robots, tv glass Construction – Walls, floor, building parts.

How do 3D printers work? How much do they cost?

Differences between conventional machinery and digital techniques differ in quality because digital techniques are far more complex and accurate. A high-end designer or architect uses computer software to achieve a digital model which translates to the laser and hardware of a Quantum 3D printer.


The prices of a 3D printer vary, but expect to spend a minimum $1700 for a high-end printer. Much will also depend on which type of scope the printer is handling.

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